Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do you Pilates??

I do, I do!!!

And let me tell ya it is A feak-in-mazing!!!!!

Wanna know what I wear while doing it?

Sure you do.

Especially since the pants I rock are from Gap and feel exactly like Lululemon.

I am not shitting you people they really do.

My favorite are these bad boys

With this jacket, just bought it and promise it's the bomb!

For the tops you know I covet my Lululemon, but these aren't to shabby either.

So in Pilates you know you go barefoot, so you must wear stylish flip flops in the door right?

My new pick that I will purchase today ;) My girl Natalie has them and swears they are great!

So if y'all like this post let a girl know and I will spill my Old navy secrets sometime this week.

O yeah and if the Gap stuff wasn't cheap enough already you can save an additional 30% off with the code GAPFEST!!!