Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Working on my Fitness

So you have all asked many times. What did I do and what do I plan to do to get back in shape!

Here is the plan ladies! 

Monday- We (me and the babes) will run/walk 2 miles. I will take them to school @ 10, then hit the gym and attempt this workout.

Tuesday- I will hit the gym @ 10 and do some body flow, its a class at our gym. I will have to let you know how this one goes.

Wednesday- I will run/walk with the babes, and then me and Nat will do a 50 minute reformer Pilates class.

Thursday- I will take the early morning 5:30am body pump class.

Friday- I am taking off completely! Plan to meet the girls for brunch and partake in mimosas and bad food.  

Also Monday- Thursday I plan to cook a healthy dinner, and eat a healthy lunch. 

Saturday has become my and Todds date night, so I will cheat for this meal too. 

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Heres to hoping I can look like this again, because honestly I looked felt so much better.

Wish me luck ladies!!