Thursday, September 13, 2012


For me

For Carson

For Taylor

Yep sorry this was short and sweet today. Wanna know why, well I am going tell ya.

I have been up since 5.
Went to the gym did an hour of body-pump
Came home made Todd lunch
Cooked dinner for us, and a friend (with cookies may I add)
Got both babies dressed (and looking good)
packed Carsons school lunch
and just finished wiping a stinky rump.

I am done, and it's only 8.

And yes I wrote all this because I want my gold star.

Please and Thank You!

Need proof??


and Bam


  1. Need to know where those are all from! Too cute. Btw, my son's middle name is Carson and my daughter's middle name was nearly Taylor. It came down to that (my mom's maiden name) or naming her after my mom's first name. Ironic huh!?

  2. hahah Todd doesn't get any shoes?! :)

  3. Gold Star and I want one of those cookies!! :)

  4. Love those! Where are the boys shoes from?

  5. High 5 woman!! Gold star indeed. You deserve a drink!

  6. I'm impressed, you are super woman!

  7. Way to go! Had a great time at lunch yesterday!

  8. Dang girl, all of that completed by 8? Super impressive. Loving all of those shoes! I think my little man was seriously born the same week as Miss Taylor? Beginning of May, right?