Thursday, September 27, 2012

On the Real.....

Seriously I have to tell you guys this story, one because it's life with kids and two I want to look back an laugh.

I am hosting playgroup today, and when this happens I at least try to get the dog-hair up. So I whip out my very expensive vacuum cleaner and go to town.

Half way through the bastard just cuts off, no warning nothing, just dead.

So I call Dyson. A little more than pissed off considering I've only had the thing 4 months.

Finally get someone on the phone, and my Lord you basically have to give them a background check just for them to troubleshoot the thing.

While on the phone I can hear Carson knocking on his door.(he is in his room having "rest time" by the way). This is not that unusual, so I just ignore him and keep giving the Dyson girl all my info.

A few minutes later he is still knocking, so still on the phone I open the door. Lord a mercy the smell, it almost knocked me over.

Picture this.... Carson with pants down to his knees shit everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. This is still not the best part he is  holding his sisters hair brush covered in shit as well.

I calmly ask the Dyson lady to hold on.

Carson immediately tells me with a very discouraged look. "Mom there was no toilet paper and you wouldn't come help me, and all I could find to wipe my butt with was Tay Tays brush".

All I could do was laugh, still on the phone may I add.

I nicely explained to the Dyson lady what was going on, and told her it may be a few minutes before I could fine the exact date I purchased my nice  piece of crap vacuum.

Yep, Life with kids. 

PS They could not fix it over the phone, so I should get a new one in seven days. Hope my company does not mind a little stank smell and dog hair.