Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Confessions.........

You guys thought I had confessed all in yesterdays poop post didn't you?

Not even close, I got more for you ladies.

After playgroup last night the house was such a mess and my cleaning people were out of town. I may or may not have searched craigslist and even emailed someone to come clean.

I kinda blame number one on the wine, or maybe it was the sob wasp that stung me upside my head. OMG that hurt y'all for real. I was pretty proud for not crying even though I really wanted too. 

After trying this precious bubble on Taylor, I decided she needed many more for fall. I may or may not have ordered 4 more.

I ran the bridge this week. Or should I say I was demanded to RUN. My girlfriend Alexis has been working-out kicking my ass this week, and has promised she will help me get my body back. All I got to say is my ass better look like Heidi Klum in a few weeks, if I am going to keep up this insanity. 

My laundry is out of control right now, it has gotten so bad I think I may leave it for another week.

That's all!! Have a great weekend!!!