Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday Boy............

I know this will make you laugh honey, because I am a total attention Hog, and he knows it!

But on the real.

Happy Birthday to the greatest husband, father, and just all around Greatest man I know!!! And if you know my husband at all you would agree 100%. What can I say I am a lucky girl :)

Tonight we will celebrate Todd style. Which includes crab legs, rib-eyes, and corn on the cob. And lets don't forget a bottle of cheap red wine. He is just low maintenance like that.

I love you baby! 

PS Just to make you ladies a little more jealous he is totally handsome and buff too!!



  1. Whoa girl! My hubby would look like a peanut next to yours! (((not kidding)))! Happy birthday weekend! My husband is a cheap date too. Me, on the other hand, DEMANDS an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant :-)