Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am going to go-ahead and apologize
 for the randomness today! 

My new planner came in and I love it! It's on the big side, but I have a lot of crap to write down, so its perfect for me.

Me and my girl Natalie are starting Pilates next week, and I cant wait. We are going to do a private reformer class. 

And here are my beautiful laughing babies to end this randomness. 


  1. Is that the Erin Condren planner? I have one and I love it. Where are you taking Pilates? Coastal Body Pilates in Mt. P is great!

  2. I need a planner... a really big planner. That's some cuties you got there.

  3. Pilates is intense, if you keep going with it! I'm not a fan...but that's because I'm too lazy. I should do it, my body feels so much better when I do!