Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rents.....

Surprise Post!

I just arrived at my parents house solo with both kids in tow! Whew that was a long ride ;)

I will be staying here tonight for dinner, then heading out like a jet plane in the am.

Todd and I are having a child free weekend and I couldn't be more excited!!!

We plan to hit up the pool, beach, and some fancy restaurants! I am super pumped!

Speaking of pumped that is what I had to do all last week to make sure my girl had enough booby milk to tie her over while I was away! Shit pumping sucks! 

Okay gotta run and hang out with my mama while I'm here!


  1. Have so much fun.
    I agree pumping sucks.

  2. No-kid weekends are so great and totally essential!! have a ball...and boo on the pumping, but such a great mama!!

  3. have fun & share pics via IG!