Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tasty Tuesday......

Here ya go........
Scallops over Pea Pesto Linguini

Looks amazing right? Well honestly I count tell ya for-sure?
See we didn't make it home from playgroup until 5:30 yesterday evening and cooking just was not happening.

But going to the grocery store today and plan to fix this pretty tomorrow night! I will let you know how it is!


  1. Love the new "daily subject" format... I don't know if you are set on it but I would love to hear/follow along your journey to getting back in shape. You were so successful last time and your results were so inspiring.

  2. I 2nd Donna, that would be awesome to follow-and motivate me in a few months after #2's arrival!

  3. that looks amazing! Yes, please do share! xo

  4. Did you ever make this? I printed your recipe and my husband made it for us last week. (He's the chef in our house.) It was AWESOME! Just thought you'd like to know.