Monday, August 27, 2012

Stories from our Weekend......

Or today lets just say pictures form our weekend. Cause mama and instagram where on fire snapping away this weekend.

How amazing is this view, and the sweet faces in front?

You know me and my bestie drinking it up! Have I mentioned how much I love this girl?

The hubs.
My favorite quote by Nat hey Matt is smiling, he must be feeling the alcohol. Personally I think the smile was his reaction to such fabulous company ha!

These two have so much fun together! It's really like having a babysitter but not paying for one. They totally entertain each other, and we actually get to have adult conversation.

We rolled in about 12:00 midnight. But hey the babies slept in the next morning. It as a great night.


We found a new brunch spot, it was amazing!
Angel Oak- Everything is homegrown, Delicious, and a mile form our house which means new Sunday spot.
Carson loved that we were drinking out of jars. 

Best farmers market ever. Lets just says this mamas is going to rock out Tasty Tuesday tomorrow!

 Ahhh our little biscuit is holding her head up now! Her hair seriously cracks me up.

It was good, actually is was fantastic, and I am sad it's over!

But on a good note we got the double Bob this weekend, and me and the babies have already ran this morning!! I am feeling like a badass and it's only Monday!