Monday, August 13, 2012

Stories from our weekend........

You are getting just a bunch of pictures today folks :)

I am still recovering form my hangover from Saturday night! 

Saturday Tay and I had a girls day and my two men had a boys day!

I just love having my girl with me!

Todd and Carson heading to the water park just the two of them. Todd said they had such a great time, and I realized that it was really there first time just the two of them.

Tay and I headed to a fabulous baby shower! You guys this house was freakin amazing. I discovered the owner Amy reads my blog, so maybe I can convince her to give us a house tour ;) I also got to see my favorite girl Chassity at the shower.

Saturday Todd and i headed out to meet some of our friends. This is the only picture I got, probably a good thing considering the drinks I took down.

Sunday my head hurt and I felt like poop the entire day. damn I love a night out but paying for it the next day sucks. This pizza did make me feel a little better though.