Friday, July 13, 2012

The Romper

The Romper..........

Whatcha think? I kinda love them :)
I actually wore mine out the other night with the girls.

I am not going to lie I wasn't so sure when  put it on, but the hubs loved it and told me I should def. wear it out. looking back at pictures I am thinking he just wanted to make sure I defiantly didn't get hit on. 

The song "fat guy in a little shirt" did cross my mind a couple of times that night too ha! 

But here she is in all her glory.

 I think I found a few more I need, and the best part they are all under $30.00. 

All Via Here


  1. You look great in the romper!! I haven't mustered up the courage yet but I love all the ones you picked, especially the first one! Have a great weekend!

  2. It looks cute on you. I am a little leary about wearing them myself. I feel like I am too old for them (I'm 30)-but so so many people older than I am that can rock the hell out of one :)

  3. I've told you before, but that is your color girlfriend! I love rompers -- I'd wear them all the time! But man, it is a perpetual wedgie!

  4. I love the look but I'm a scaredy cat! Looks great on you though, maybe I'll get brave and try one. Have a great weekend:)

  5. Looks great! The top two were at TJ yesterday in Flo!

  6. Too cute, I on the other hand would look way too three's company-ish!! And pleeease share where Carson's monogrammed duvet is from? I need it for my lil guys big boy room to be very soon!

  7. Have you done a post of Carson's big boy room? It looks super cute!