Thursday, July 12, 2012


seriously  these are the only words I can utter this morning!


Number one is because mama started back with her trainer yesterday! yep after bragging to you guys about dropping down to my pre pregnancy size 3 weeks postpartum.....I gained it all back and then some! I know what the hell! So yes I am finally getting my rather round rump back in the gym, and I am hurting! like for-real hurting, like I cant sit down on the toilet to pee :)

Number two is because I had a day/evening of too much fun!
I had lunch with my bestie and our little ones, with delish food and a glass of wine of course!
After we went and shopped a little at the cute boutique next to the restaurant.

Still on number two. I had the treat of dinner with my favorites Nat and Chassity. Where we enjoyed AMAZING food and  two bottles Champs!

My dinner
(I m totally sure this has nothing to do with my weight gain ;)

So needless to say not only are my legs and ass killing me so is my head! Totally worth it though :)

And obviousness Rocky our dog is feeling my pain. This is how I found him this morning.