Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Confessions........

 My house looks like a tornado hit it! I am so not kidding. Dirty clothes on the floor, stinky bottles in the sink, and even some pee pee diapers on the floor! Gross, and I don't plan to pick it up today either, even more Gross!!

I am beyond obsessed with necklaces!

I currently have 3 of these babies!
pink, black, and turquoise. and i kinda want another.

Taylor will no longer take a bottle from me! the girl only wants to eat from the boob! Don't get me wrong I love nursing the little biscuit, but dang every two hours is wearing me out!
But she sure is cute ;)

I am in love with this new hummus, it's insanely delish!!!

 I have had three playgroups this week! Makes being a SAHM so much fun! I love all my mom/girlfriends, they rock! And in a result of playtime this is how found my little man during "rest time".

Lastly Todd and I have a babysitter Saturday night!
We are going on a date downtown, just not sure where yet?
Any suggestions Charleston girls??

Okay that is all the randomness I have for you today!

Happy Freakin weekend!!!!