Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Little more structure........

Yep my type A personality has also taken over my blog writing!

So from now own there will a little schedule for this ole blog!

So here it goes........ this way you will know whats coming your way. 

Mondays- Stories from the weekend

Tuesdays- Tasty Tuesday- that's right you will get a recipe, one that I actually cooked. And even better it will be healthy ;) Along with a recipe you will get my weight. Gotta keep it real and keep track!

Wednesdays- What I want Wednesday

Thursdays- Surprise!! Yep it might just be totally random, or it might be all thought out and detailed. But none the less a Surprise for ya!

Fridays-  Fridays Confessions this is where you will get a big brain dump from yours truly. 

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