Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

I know I promised you a recipe, and that I will give you. The healthy part, well not so much. We will just say portion control on this one ladies. That's what it all about anyways right good ole portion control.

Mexican Pie

Can we talk about easy peasy, but really did you expect anything less?

All you do is make you some good ole taco mix, I added hot  banana peppers from the garden to mine. Then layer away.

So it goes like this......

flour tortilla, layer of refried beans, taco mixture, cheese mix(lowfat Kraft Mexican) and repeat 4 times.


And I promise this is way better than Taco-bells Mexican Pizza, and girl loves some taco bell!

Weight- 133 (did you all just say a big "hot damn" with me) Gotta keep it real, and get in dropping.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Weekend...

Here goes day one of my new blog structure!

And here are the stories I got for ya.

Friday was fabulous, because my girl Natalie and her handsome little man came to hang out! While she was here she baked some awesome funfetti cupcakes for her hubs birthday day. Gotta love a husband who has a bad ass cook for a wife and is still down with some box cupcakes ;)
Here is how Carson enjoyed his second cupcake..... in the baby-chair! That little snot dropped  threw the first one on my clean floor, so this was the deal if he wanted another!

Saturday was equally as fun! We had a date night,hallelujah to eating with no kids!!! We headed out to Poe's tavern for a delish burger and drinks.  while we were there an insane storm hit! Like really insane. Poe's lost power three times. I, like the drunks at the bar thought it was kinda cool. They would boo when the lights came back on and cheer when the power went out :) I was just thankful we had our food and drinks when the power went out.

After dinner on the way out to the car I caught this amazing rainbow! It was seriously the prettiest rainbow I have seen. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Little more structure........

Yep my type A personality has also taken over my blog writing!

So from now own there will a little schedule for this ole blog!

So here it goes........ this way you will know whats coming your way. 

Mondays- Stories from the weekend

Tuesdays- Tasty Tuesday- that's right you will get a recipe, one that I actually cooked. And even better it will be healthy ;) Along with a recipe you will get my weight. Gotta keep it real and keep track!

Wednesdays- What I want Wednesday

Thursdays- Surprise!! Yep it might just be totally random, or it might be all thought out and detailed. But none the less a Surprise for ya!

Fridays-  Fridays Confessions this is where you will get a big brain dump from yours truly. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sorry bout that

Whoza it's been a crazy week!

 Not really that is just always my excuse when I don't post for a few days ha!

I have a bunch to do today though so I do not have anything really good for ya oops.

So how about a few of my dream kitchens? 

I love drooling over them so i thought you might to!

Speaking of kitchens, this is my new quote on the chalkboard.

I kinda Love it, plus it really is true for our kitchen ;)

Happy weekend!!!

PS Todd and are getting another date night Saturday whoop whoop!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tory Burch.....Neutrals

Are you as in love as I am? That pretty Iphone case is on its way to the Hewitt house as we speak ;)  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Confessions........

 My house looks like a tornado hit it! I am so not kidding. Dirty clothes on the floor, stinky bottles in the sink, and even some pee pee diapers on the floor! Gross, and I don't plan to pick it up today either, even more Gross!!

I am beyond obsessed with necklaces!

I currently have 3 of these babies!
pink, black, and turquoise. and i kinda want another.

Taylor will no longer take a bottle from me! the girl only wants to eat from the boob! Don't get me wrong I love nursing the little biscuit, but dang every two hours is wearing me out!
But she sure is cute ;)

I am in love with this new hummus, it's insanely delish!!!

 I have had three playgroups this week! Makes being a SAHM so much fun! I love all my mom/girlfriends, they rock! And in a result of playtime this is how found my little man during "rest time".

Lastly Todd and I have a babysitter Saturday night!
We are going on a date downtown, just not sure where yet?
Any suggestions Charleston girls??

Okay that is all the randomness I have for you today!

Happy Freakin weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's no secret I am a Southern girl and love me some Lilly Pulitzer! And you know one of my favorite things about her line? That mama and baby can match. I can not wait to get Tay Tay in these precious clothes, and honestly can not wait to get the mama size in them too!

And for laughs I may have taken the whole matchy thing a bit too far when Carson was born.

 Poor Todd, but hey it always gives us a good laugh, and a reason for the boys to give him shit! What can I say I love a matching family ;) 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Boy Room...the sources

So after my "romper" post I had quite a few emails asking about Carsons big boy room. And some of you asked to see pictures. So without future adieu.......

Paint Color - Sherman Williams Heavenly Blue

Bedding- Pottery Barn Grand-Embroidered (monogram done locally and It's a 12 inch)

Accent pillows-  Had them made here and the C. pillow is Serena and Lilly.

Twin beds-Craigslist find I just sanded and refinished them!

Lamps- HomeGoods

Dog Silhouette prints- made here

Think this was all you guys asked for! Let me know if I left something out!

Gotta run hungry baby yelling at me!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Romper

The Romper..........

Whatcha think? I kinda love them :)
I actually wore mine out the other night with the girls.

I am not going to lie I wasn't so sure when  put it on, but the hubs loved it and told me I should def. wear it out. looking back at pictures I am thinking he just wanted to make sure I defiantly didn't get hit on. 

The song "fat guy in a little shirt" did cross my mind a couple of times that night too ha! 

But here she is in all her glory.

 I think I found a few more I need, and the best part they are all under $30.00. 

All Via Here

Thursday, July 12, 2012


seriously  these are the only words I can utter this morning!


Number one is because mama started back with her trainer yesterday! yep after bragging to you guys about dropping down to my pre pregnancy size 3 weeks postpartum.....I gained it all back and then some! I know what the hell! So yes I am finally getting my rather round rump back in the gym, and I am hurting! like for-real hurting, like I cant sit down on the toilet to pee :)

Number two is because I had a day/evening of too much fun!
I had lunch with my bestie and our little ones, with delish food and a glass of wine of course!
After we went and shopped a little at the cute boutique next to the restaurant.

Still on number two. I had the treat of dinner with my favorites Nat and Chassity. Where we enjoyed AMAZING food and  two bottles Champs!

My dinner
(I m totally sure this has nothing to do with my weight gain ;)

So needless to say not only are my legs and ass killing me so is my head! Totally worth it though :)

And obviousness Rocky our dog is feeling my pain. This is how I found him this morning. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekend Getaway

I would Love to have a little getaway with the hubs this weekend, sadly that not in the cards darn it! but if it were this is what you would see me in ;)

Weekend Getaway

Lilly Pulitzer lace dress

Dorothy Perkins plastic sunglasses
$12 - dorothyperkins.com

Violet Princesse Bib

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Hot here.......

What the what it is hot as balls outside here y'all!

Wanna see what we have been doing to keep cool?

Well playing on our water jump-castle of course! seriously best investment ever. we all love this bad boy (as you can see)!

We have also taken naps on our/ mommy and daddys bed. We have a huge fan in there that feel so good and cool.

And while Carson is at summer camp today I plan on making some of these for us to enjoy tomorrow.

So what's your secret to keeping cool this summer???

Monday, July 9, 2012

I' am back!!!!

I am returning from seriously the best family vacation ever!

We had a blast!

I totally ate too much food, got too much sun, and sat om my rump more than I have in a long time! It was perfect!

I cant say enough about how fun it was being with my entire family for 7 days! 
Carson adores his cousins and had so much fun with them, as did we! My parents were awesome and let us all have some much needed child free nights out! They also kept Tata while we ventured to the water park for the day!

Man it was GREAT and I am so sad it's over! 

Here are some pictures to show you proof!