Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday!

Yay!! It's here it the feakin weekend, and I am super pumped!

Why? Well we discovered sweet pea nannies! It rocks seriously! Guaranteed a cpr certified, child loving, over 21 yr old babysitter within 24 hours......Yes Please!

I know I know I was a little apprehensive at first leaving my babies with someone I don't know that good?? but I have many friends that use this service and they swear by it. 

Happily I tell you I have been VERY pleased, and so has Carson.This will be our third time using them this weekend.

We are having a much needed date night at the Wild Olive Saturday.

PS After a little negotiating the husband said he will be home by 2 today and we get to hit up the pool ;)

Xoxo Happy Friday!!!