Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thoughts on Tuesday!

1) I am back to my pre preggo weight!!!! I wish I could tell you some secret, but it just came off this time! (but don't be too jealous by tummy is jacked up for real!) 

2) My Brother his wife and my niece and nephew came to visit last Sunday! I just love them all to pieces and Carson had so much fun with them! I cant wait for vacation!!!! It will be Todds first week off in 5 years since starting the business! 

3) I just purchased this sleeping bag for Carson to take to summer camp with him! We love the book Brown Bear ;)

4) I also just purchased This dress and I officially obsessed! It is beyond comfortable and so flattering!

5) Last but not least! I had not nursed baby girl in 15 days but I still had milk! I had tried to latch her a couple times but she just was not to interested, and honestly neither was I! Well her tummy has been so messed up on just formula ;( So last night while she and I were taking our bath she latched and loved it! So as of now we are nursing at night and in the morning and miss Taylors tummy is already doing better!!! 

I just LOVE these two!