Monday, April 23, 2012

Last minute pretties for my girl!

I have no idea why this time around I have put off getting certain things! It's little silly things that I don't really need, but I knew I wanted all along! What better time than  11 days before she gets here to start shopping ;)

For Example a Bow holder

Finally decided on this one ;)

A car seat cover!I just got this one in and yall it's precious!

a diaper and wipe clutch
(just ordered last week)

Bugaboo Sunshade in PINK of-course 
Thinking about ordering
 the Wheeled Board for Carson?? Anyone have this, and if so do you use it???

Okay I think that is about all :)


  1. I love that carseat cover, is it seersucker? I can't tell from the picture. And a bow holder is a MUST have =)

  2. Oh how I love things girly!!I love the car seat cover and diaper/wipe clutch! Where did you get them?
    And of course anything for the bugaboo! I couldn't live without it. Footboard would be great for summer walks with the choice to ride or not.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love that bow holder. I have been looking for the perfect one, please tell me where you got it?

  4. Sooo adorable! I love reading your blog! Do you mind sharing your sources for all the girly items you just bought?!! Love all of them!

  5. I have the wheeled board for my bug-a-boo and used it a ton with my kids! It is so much easier then trying to use a double stroller for shorter outings.

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  8. I have the Bugaboo footboard (I bought my Bugaboo used and she threw it in for me) but since my daughter will be an only child, I'll never use it. If you're interested, and are willing to pay shipping, you can have it for free if you want! My e mail is

  9. Do you mind sharing your sources? I've been hunting for a car seat cover and some of the other items would be perfect for baby gifts for my friend. Thanks!

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