Friday, April 27, 2012

Home from the Hospital............

I would love to have the below items at the hospital with me in 7 days!!! Would this not be the perfect  outfit for me to bring home baby girl in ha!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

19 Things we should say to our kids.....

This was just too sweet and true not to share today!

1. I love you! There is nothing that will make me stop loving you. Nothing you could do or say or think will ever change that.

2. You are amazing! I look at you with wonder! Not just at what you can do, but who you are. There is no one like you. No one!

3. It’s all right to cry. People cry for all kinds of reasons: when they are hurt, sad, glad, or worried; when they are angry, afraid, or lonely. Big people cry too. I do.

4. You’ve made a mistake. That was wrong. People make mistakes. I do. Is it something we can fix? What can we do? It’s all over. You can start fresh. I know you are sorry. I forgive you.

5. You did the right thing. That was scary or hard. Even though it wasn’t easy, you did it. I am proud of you; you should be too.

6. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I made a mistake.

7. You can change your mind. It’s good to decide, but it is also fine to change.
8. What a great idea! You were really thinking! How did you come up with that? Tell me more. Your mind is clever!

9. That was kind. You did something helpful and thoughtful for that person. That must make you feel good inside. Thank you!

10. I have a surprise for you. It’s not your birthday. It’s for no reason at all. Just a surprise, a little one, but a surprise.
11. I can wait. We have time. You don’t have to hurry this time.
12. What would you like to do? It’s your turn to pick. You have great ideas. It’s important to follow your special interests.
13. Tell me about it. I’d like to hear more. And then what happened? I’ll listen.
14. I’m right here. I won’t leave without saying good-bye. I am watching you. I am listening to you.
15. Please and Thank You. These are important words. If I forget to use them, will you remind me?
16. I missed you. I think about you when we are not together!
17. Just try. A little bit. One taste, one step. You might like it. Let’s see. I’ll help you if you need it. I think you can do it.
18. I’ll help you. I heard you call me, here I am. How can I help you? If we both work together, we can get this done. I know you can do it by yourself, but I’m glad to help since you asked.
19. What do you wish for? Even if it’s not yet time for birthday candles and we don’t have a wishbone, it’s still fun to hear about what you wish for, hope for, and dream about.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sources and more pretties!

Sorry about not including the source in my last post they are up here

And while I was stalking etsy I found a few more things that were a must have before baby arrives!

Every family must have matching beach towels right? Ha! I know it's silly but I always get us new matching monogram towels every year! Loved these stripes! Mine and Miss Taylors are hot pink and Carson and Todds are navy and the all have a big lime green monogram on them ;)

I also ordered these adorable paci clips! I picked some really fun fabrics for a few of them, and I cant wait to get them in! These things were a lifesaver with Carson, plus they are really cute!

And I ordered a few pretties for myself as well ;)


Some please tell me they have ordered from tobi before, and loved there stuff?? the prices are amaze and the styles are to die for!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Last minute pretties for my girl!

I have no idea why this time around I have put off getting certain things! It's little silly things that I don't really need, but I knew I wanted all along! What better time than  11 days before she gets here to start shopping ;)

For Example a Bow holder

Finally decided on this one ;)

A car seat cover!I just got this one in and yall it's precious!

a diaper and wipe clutch
(just ordered last week)

Bugaboo Sunshade in PINK of-course 
Thinking about ordering
 the Wheeled Board for Carson?? Anyone have this, and if so do you use it???

Okay I think that is about all :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!! I so love me some Fridays!

Carson has school today and besides picking up some monogrammed items and a lunch date with my handsome husband I have nothing to do!

My house is being cleaned...... nough said!

Baby girl will be here is exactly 14 days if not sooner.....(.insert sequel)!

I cant get enough of this beautiful weather! It's making me want to go crazy shopping for all the new fun brights! But this huge bump is making it kinda hard ha!

I am trying to soak up the last few days of being the only woman in my mens life! They really do spoil me rotten and secretly I don't want that to change ;)

Our garden is growing, thanks to my Big helper!

Happy Friday my Loves!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Simply The Best!!!!

I know this title is kinda corny, but really these girls are the Best! I am not real sure how I got so lucky to have been blessed with the life I have and all the beautiful people in it, but I am sure thankful! Baby Taylor is already such a loved little girl! 

Another Sprinkle was held this weekend for her, and it was just perfect! She got spoiled with the most precious gifts ever!

I promise to show you guys some pictures of all the fabulous gifts soon! But for now here is one of all my beautiful girlfriends at the sprinkle!

Here is a picture of the BIG bump before the shower! 18 days and counting ladies!

PS I wanted to add that "YOU" all made my day with my last post! Honestly I was having a kinda hard day and all your sweet comments really made me smile ;) xoxo

Thursday, April 12, 2012

36 Weeks........

WHAT!!!! I only have three weeks until my little lady arrives! She will be here via c-section on Friday May 4th!

Sorry I have been MIA lately, if I am being honest I have been spending way too much time online shopping for my babes! 

Here is how the belly is looking these days!

Ok I am off to pick up the last few items we need before Miss Taylor Diana Hewitt makes her arrival!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend in Pictures!

It was fabulous, the weather was beautiful, and the family time was just perfect! As this was our last trip home before baby girl makes her arrival!

Checking out their Easter loot from Mimi and Papa!

 The Egg hunt
Cousins are the Best!

then we headed to the farm to have a little more Easter fun!

My baby was pooped after all this Easter fun!

Happy Easter 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picture Dump from my phone!!!!

It's been a crazy busy week at the Hewitt house! So I thought I would share some pictures from my phone!

We went to visit daddy at work on Tuesday, and he was very excited to see us! I love these two boys they have such a special bond, and I love watching them together!

Lately the afternoons drag especially from 3-5!!! But our fun neighbors have made the afternoons so much fun! Usually about 3 on the dot Carson says lets go on a walk and see who is home!!! Ha! he loves when his gf Mckenna is home ;)

 We visited the Easter bunny on Monday! He was totally one of those creepy mall bunnies, but Carson thought he was great! Speaking of Easter on our date last night Todd and I went bunny shopping! Lets just say his basket is going to be sweet, and full of some awesome stuff! Is it just me or is it so fun to shop for cool surprises for your kid?? 

Today is my 35 week Dr appt, and Carson is tagging along! He is really excited and says he's going to hold my hand so I won't be scared.( melt my heart). And judging my the size of this belly she may not make it 4 more weeks ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Supper Club 2012

Last week it was my month to host supper club! Feeling and looking very pregnant I decided to keep things simple! And ask my wonderful husband to help out! He is pretty awesome on the grill, so I knew he wouldn't disappoint my girls!!!!  

Here is what the menu consisted of
 Cucumbers with boursin cheese

Homemade Caprese Salad I even used the basil out of our garden :)

And then I got busy and forgot to take pictures of the rest of the food!

The mail course was Rib-eyes soaked in Todds special marinade, twice baked potatoes, and butter rolls!

A great time was had, and I just love all of these ladies! We ended up chatting, laughing, and telling mom stories until 10:30!!

We also did the ring test on our girl Amanda who is expecting twins in August!!! It said girls, and we know they are identical!!! Bless her husbands heart if so as they already have sweet Ellie their 2 year old baby girl!!! We are so happy for them, and know if anyone can do this it's them!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another perfect One..........

Yep it was another perfect weekend!!! I don't know if its his age, his precious blonde curls, or the fact that he want be my baby much longer, but I cant get enough of my sweet boy lately!!

Saturday we had the perfect day around the house! We played outside, laid down some sod, and planted a pomegranate tree!

On Sunday we headed to the beach! Next year there will be a little pink a pair of rainbows in the sand ;) this makes me happy!

Then we headed to our fabulous neighbors house for their annual Easter Egg hunt! The kids had such a great time!!! Have I mentioned I love our neighborhood and all of the sweetness that lives in it! How cute was Brookes setup?

Hope you weekend was just as awesome Xoxo