Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Recap.......

So this past weekend will go down in history as one of the BEST weekends we have had! Locking it away in my memory forever!

Maybe I am being overly emotional 34 weeks preggo, but it was magical! Saturday I woke up and the boys had watered all my plants and were playing in the backyard! We packed up the car and decided to head to Kiawah for the day! It was beyond beautiful outside, and to me Kiawah is the most beautiful beach ever! Carson was in heaven from the time his little feet hit the sand! Seriously he was all smiles all day! He was so content and happy just digging in the sand, chasing the birds, and just barley letting his feet touch the water ;)  He even looked as us at one point and said" I love it here, it feels like my birthday"!

Note I did get burned like crazy, and next time I wearing a one piece ;)

After a perfect beach day we headed home quickly showered and dressed! We had a babysitter for the night! So we were headed out for a date at Blossom and then my girl Chassitys 30th :) It really was such a great day and night!!!!

Sunday did not disappoint either!

We went to church, brunch, and did a little shopping!! We also made our first College of Charleston baseball game!