Monday, March 26, 2012

Our weekend............

Another beautiful perfect weekend with my boys!

Todd came home early on Friday which is always a great start! We ordered pizza and ate it on the deck ;)

Then on Saturday we headed to Kiawah with some of our friends, and seriously the weather could not have been more perfect!

After we decided to head to fresh fields for a little shopping! It is seriously the cutest little village in the world, with some of the best shops around!

Daddy bought baby girl her first piece of Lilly Pulitzer, and we let Carson pick it out :)

My boys have good taste!

Then Sunday we just relaxed in the back yard all day! Carson caught lizards and kept putting the poor things in his new water table! That kid is always cracking me up!!!!


  1. that is just so funny that he was catching lizards. I cannot stand those things! My son broke a tail off one a couple of weeks ago - heebie jeebies for this momma!

  2. What a fun weekend :) Hope you are doing well! Your shower pics were SO CUTE!

  3. That lizard about made me wet my pants laughing b/c my twins do the same thing with poor old, "mr. Lizzard."

  4. What a perfect fun weekend!!! and little man is beyond adorable!!!