Friday, March 2, 2012

On my mind Friday

Whoo Hooo!!!! It's Friday and it's going to be sunny and 74 today!!!

* I had my 3 hour glucose test yesterday, and I PASSED!!!!! It was a long blood drawing day!!! I celebrated last night with my favorite doughnuts from Glazed!!
the peanut butter pie ;) To die for!

* My house is being cleaned today, and we will have fresh sheets.... this makes me happy

* My belly button has officially popped! I don't love this!

* I am going to get the iphone today!!! I know it's going to take some getting used too, but I am excited! I really want this cover!

* I cooked dinner last night and Carson ate everything on his plate! Is it just me, or is this not the best feeling ever! It makes cooking so worth it!

This meal was so easy and so delish!! recipe coming tomm!

Happy Friday Love Bugs!! 


  1. I ADORE CLEAN SHEETS! Hooray for Carson! Those doughnuts... Delicious!

  2. Can whoever is cleaning your house come and clean mine...for free? :)

    One of my best college friends is co-owners of Glazed - I'm so proud of the success they are having! Those donuts look super good.

  3. You will love your iphone, I got mine a couple of months ago and it's so much easier with a baby! You look great-do you still work out? Please share your routine!

  4. You look amazing!! And those peanut butter pies? Umm, yummy!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay you passed! So happy for you. Those donuts look divine, and what is that meal you made??

  6. those donuts are looking insanely good!