Friday, February 3, 2012

Thoughts on Friday....

1) I am so super excited about this weekend 5 of my closet girlfriends from high school are coming to stay with me! The boys are headed home to visit family and the ladies and I will be shopping  Saturday and going out to a nice dinner to celebrate sweet baby girl! I really am so blessed to have these girls in my life, and I am so happy we have stayed so close all these years!!!

2) I have had the worst cold/sinus infection all week! My poor boys have had to eat frozen meal almost every night! I am pretty worthless when I feeling bad! Luckily I started an antibiotic and am feeling much better!

3) Its pretty sad how excited I am about my cleaning people coming today! My house is a mess, and honestly nothing makes this girl happier than to have the entire house spotless!  hey it's the little things right!

4) I cant get the below shoes out of my head! I am guessing this means I need to make them mine! (in my defense I am preggo so shoes are my thing right now)

5) Todd and I were suppose to sit down and make a budget this week. Well I was sick and it didn't happen! so I am guessing I better jump on the above purchase before next week! I really am excited about saving up some money, but darn it it's going to suck to not shop!

Happy Weekend My Dears!!!


  1. I hate those budget talks. I always tell all my non-married friends to buy all the designer jeans and handbags they can now!

  2. love the TB wedge! hope you have fun this weekend with your girls!

  3. Hate those talks is always the part that gets the cut!