Monday, February 6, 2012

Lucky Girl!

I just want to always remember how incredibly happy I feel in this moment of my life. My girl  Chassity couldn't have said it better yesterday! I feel so blessed to have the incredible family I have and the amazing friends in my life. I missed my boys dearly this weekend, but it was so freakin awesome to have my girls here with me! We seriously ate almost the entire time, they showered baby girl with some beautiful personalized gifts, and we enjoyed the insane sunny weather! It was pure bliss!!! 

Dinner was amazaballs and if you are local you need to go to Leaf ASAP!

Thanks girls for such an incredible visit!

PS my girl Lane also just announced that she is having a baby!!! I am over the moon happy for her, and so excited one of my girls is going to be a mommy! She is going to so rock at it too! Yes and how cute is her husband Corey, and he is a total sweet pea too! 


  1. aww, glad you enjoyed your weekend! i spy marshall!! :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I love Leaf, maybe we should do your baby shower there! Miss that face!

  3. looks like a wonderful time! and congrats to your friend! ;)