Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!!!

My morning started out fabulous! Believe it or not I'am actually an easy Valentine to please :)
Chocolates, coffee, my boys and roses= perfect morning

No big plans tonight, I will be cooking up the hubs favorite spaghetti! How easy is he to please??
He will be bring home takeout for lunch, and promised  to try to leave before 5! This makes me smile :) 

On another note the Vow was an amazing movie! I cried like a baby!  We had the best popcorn loaded with butter and this new Jalapeno Popcorn seasoning! Seriously get this stuff ASAP it was life changing on the popcorn!

It did help that this man melted my heart the entire movie! (not that he has anything on my amazing husband ;)

Men take you ladies to see this tonight!!!

Happy Valentines my sweets!!!!


  1. I liked The Vow a lot too!! Happy Valentine's Day pretty girl!

  2. Happy Valentines Sweets! Here is to hoping Matt will let me watch the Vow when it comes out on Demand:)

  3. Ahh, I want to see that movie so badly -- you are a lucky girl your hubs went with you. I mentioned it to mine and got a firm "Uggg!". Lol. How'd you convince him to go?? :)