Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shelves in the nursery......

You guys would be proud, I have narrowed my colors down to 4 pale pinks! I have also decided on a mirror and chandelier for her room! And is it possible that I am already nesting or is it just my OCD personality? Not sure but either way, I am like a mad women wanting to get everything done! So I think I have decided to do shelves over her changing table. Holy choices batman, there are way too many out there, or maybe I just spend way too much time sitting on my rump looking at all of them :) Here are my current favorites!

No matter which I set of shelves I choose, this will be front and center! Carson and I spent the entire day last Monday painting canvases for his sister, and this was my favorite creation by Carson Hewitt! I do think this is my new favorite art for her nursery!