Friday, January 13, 2012

On my mind.......

- It's day two of Todd working in his new office. I miss him, but I must say it's going really well! I was so productive yesterday, and was able to let Carson run wild all day!

- Baby girl is getting "custom closets" this weekend. I say custom loosely as daddy will be doing them. I have to say Todd has become quite handy, so I know they are going to look great!

- Carson and I are going on a search to look for these in a few!

I plan on putting them on baby girls dresser!

- I am going to the salon today!!!!!!!

-We have a dinner date Saturday night at Wild Olive with some great friends!!

- This pregnancy is going so great!!!! 

Happy weekend loves!


  1. Happy sound like you are "glowing" from your Posts!! Congrats!! BTW! that little guy of yours is adorable, I just love his little paci teeth!

  2. So glad everything is going so well, and love the knobs...perfect for a little girl!!

  3. I love the knobs! Josh and I found ours similar to those at Hobby Lobby, I don't know if you've seen their knob selection, but it is stellar, not to mention they put them 50% off all the time. We got a great deal, just FYI!