Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For the little people in my life....

 I must have these for summer for my babies! I am so excited about matching my precious beach babies this summer! I am such a sucker for "southern outfits"! what about you, how do you feel about your children matching?  

PS Carsons party was a blast! We had over 30 kids so it was a house  museum full, and he is still talking about it! Unfortunately  we are both now sick and I have not downloaded the pictures yet, so hopefully sometime this week I will share with you guys!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Think Pink!!!

I have always been a  pink girl, especially Love it in my closet! So as soon as baby girl gets here and I get my body back, these are my must have pink items for summer!



Happy weekend!! We are off to get ready for our Big 3 year old party tomorrow!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today we eat Cake!!!!

Happy Birthday sweet sweet Boy!!!!!!

Today my precious baby turned three!!! How did this happen and where did the time go??

We plan to really celebrate this weekend at the Children's  Museum, and we are all so excited!

 Mommy and Daddy Love you to the moon back, and we don't know what we would do without you!! You bring such happiness and joy to our lives Happy 3rd Birthday my beautiful baby boy!!!

Just for for I thought I would do a flashback of the cake eating!

First Birthday!

2nd Birthday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25 weeks.......

I am now 26, so a few days late... you get the idea!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of baby: Baby H is the length of a  English cucumber
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 10 lb
Maternity Clothes: maternity pants and mostly regular tops ;)
Gender: GIRL
Movement: All the time!! She loves to party in belly late at night
Sleep: I'm so tired - I go to bed usually by 8 every night!
What I miss: more than a glass of wine, and a flat tummy
Cravings:Basil (Thai food) cadbury eggs (yesterday I ate 3) 
Symptons: I seriously feel Great!!!! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Want a Peek???

It is almost finished!!! I am waiting om my glider and a few other small things, but I am absolutely smitten with how it  turned out!

I think someone else is super excited about Baby H!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Closet Reveal.....

I could not be more pleased with how my little ladies closet turned out! The pictures really don't do it justice, my husband rocks! Now if I can convince him to do ours and the laundry room :) 

Just for fun, here is another little peek in her room!!!!

The painter is coming tomorrow, and guess what the room will  be complete!!!! Except for my white glider, which will be here in weeks!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maternity Style......

It's killing me ladies! I swear I live in jogging pants and leggings. Don't get me wrong I love to be comfortable, but 7 days a week of looking bummy is getting to me. I refuse to buy a lot of maternity clothes this time, as all my second time preggos know it's such a waste of money! I have my few nice pieces from my first pregnancy so I plan to just add maybe a few tops! Well as I was browsing online today a took a peek at Old Navy maternity and to my surprise I found some pretty cute things! Here are the two tops I purchased!

Any other suggestions where I can get some cute maternity tops?

Friday, January 13, 2012

On my mind.......

- It's day two of Todd working in his new office. I miss him, but I must say it's going really well! I was so productive yesterday, and was able to let Carson run wild all day!

- Baby girl is getting "custom closets" this weekend. I say custom loosely as daddy will be doing them. I have to say Todd has become quite handy, so I know they are going to look great!

- Carson and I are going on a search to look for these in a few!

I plan on putting them on baby girls dresser!

- I am going to the salon today!!!!!!!

-We have a dinner date Saturday night at Wild Olive with some great friends!!

- This pregnancy is going so great!!!! 

Happy weekend loves!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have I told you lately?

How freaking awesome you all are!!! I seriously don't know what I would do without all your help ;) I know majority of you voted number 2, and those really were may favorite also. But a few of you suggested the chevron pillows at target. So today while I was out running errands, I decided a trip target wouldn't hurt hey I needed baby wipes anyway! Well so glad I did, lookie what I found!!!

Not only fabulous chevron pillows, but how amaze is that tray! OK update complete! Thank you blog readers and thank you target!!!!

Need these.......

So I have spending way too much time on the internet lately! One of my favorite sites is Etsy so many talented women on there! I have been searching for some new fun pillows for upstairs and think I may have found them! 

But as usual I need some reassurance, because there are two sets I like and cant decide?

Set 1

Set 2

Thanks as always dolls!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yes Please!!!

It's no secret I love Lilly Pulitzer, and her new spring line does not disappoint! Now if I can get my body back after our princess makes her arrival in May! If that happens I will be adding these beauties to my closet! I picked mostly comfortable cotton ones, which to me makes them so much more appealing to throw on!

Friday, January 6, 2012


It has been Cold, and I mean really cold for Charleston!! We have been lazy, and I mean really lazy!

This sweet baby has been doing a lot of this, and not getting up until 7:30 or later!

I on the other hand have stayed in my pjs for two straight days! It's such a love hate, I love having nothing to do, but I hate feeling unproductive and bummie all day!

We did at least bundle up and play on our new swing set a couple times this week! I love this boy!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shelves in the nursery......

You guys would be proud, I have narrowed my colors down to 4 pale pinks! I have also decided on a mirror and chandelier for her room! And is it possible that I am already nesting or is it just my OCD personality? Not sure but either way, I am like a mad women wanting to get everything done! So I think I have decided to do shelves over her changing table. Holy choices batman, there are way too many out there, or maybe I just spend way too much time sitting on my rump looking at all of them :) Here are my current favorites!

No matter which I set of shelves I choose, this will be front and center! Carson and I spent the entire day last Monday painting canvases for his sister, and this was my favorite creation by Carson Hewitt! I do think this is my new favorite art for her nursery!