Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Spirit......

Carson and I have been getting into the Christmas spirit! We made Christmas cookies last week, and he had the best time. He loved pressing the cutter into the dough!

My girlfriend Natalie gave me the most wonderful smelling candle and diffuser for my birthday!! The perfect holiday scent! Love it!!!


 We also visited Santa!! Carson Loves him some Santa always has, and this year he was even more excited! He keeps asking when we are going back? The line wasn't exactly short, so probably next year ;)

This was our second visit to the Festival of Lights, and on the first Santa was still in the North Pole, so we improvised, and Carson loved this silly bulb almost as much as Santa himself!

Turning on the fire every night has become a must too! I am really loving this time of year!!!
 (Note: I just realized I didn't even have the fire turned on when I took this picture ha!)


  1. I hope you like the candle! I lit mine last night love the scent. Had fun last night and loved seeing that precious baby bump!

  2. You guys are so festive!! Love the mantle!

  3. so fun! love your stockings!!

  4. I love your pics posted on Pawley's site today, sooooo sweet! And I wished she lived close tot me.

  5. I love the white christmas stockings!! Only one week, six days, and four exams until Christmas-yay!