Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Happenings.....

1) We are taking Carson to his first FAIR today! ( I think I have talked Todd into taking off early so we can get there at 3:00 when they open). I am super excited, I loved the fair so much as a child! 
(I don't love the fair people, but hey you have to take the good with the bad ha)!

2) I think I am about to go see if I can convince him to take me to Basil   today for lunch while Carson is at school! ( I am after all preggo how could he say no)! if convinced I will be having this Cashew Chicken Yummo!!

3) I am in charge of making treats for Carsons class Halloween party on Monday. I cant decided which to make??

****OK we just got back from Basil, so I am know finishing this post!****

Basil was delish, I seriously ate just as much as Todd did! Baby and I are happy campers! But Basil is not the only reason!!! Holy Knock your socks off Batman if you live in Charleston you must go ASAP to Glazed , it just opened here in Charleston!!  They are seriously is the most fabulous doughnuts you will ever eat!

PS On our way to Basil there was a sign on the door that said sold out reopening at 12, we got there at 12:10 and they were almost sold out again!! So get there NOW!!!!


  1. Yum, I wish I were there to try Glazed! I already have my BFF bringing me Cupcake when she comes next weekend so maybe I will ask her to bring the donughts too! I made your white chocolate nutter butter ghosts for playgroup and they were so cute-and someone made those pumpkins you have posted here and they were so yummy too!

  2. That cashew chicken looks so yummy and so do those doughnuts!!!

    All of those treats are so cute!! I wouldn't know which to choose!!

    Have fun at the fair!!

  3. So fun! I made those pumpkins with rice crispys last year. Make sure you spray your hands with pam!!!! Easy and cute though:)

  4. was the Pink one for a girl?? when I was pregnant with my 3rd my 4k student brought me a pink glazed donut from (dunkin donuts) to insure I would have a girl..and I did! I didn't eat them everyday, I took turns with the children!!

  5. Basil and Glazed - two of my favorites! Both are so so good, but dangerous!