Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Happenings.....

1) We are taking Carson to his first FAIR today! ( I think I have talked Todd into taking off early so we can get there at 3:00 when they open). I am super excited, I loved the fair so much as a child! 
(I don't love the fair people, but hey you have to take the good with the bad ha)!

2) I think I am about to go see if I can convince him to take me to Basil   today for lunch while Carson is at school! ( I am after all preggo how could he say no)! if convinced I will be having this Cashew Chicken Yummo!!

3) I am in charge of making treats for Carsons class Halloween party on Monday. I cant decided which to make??

****OK we just got back from Basil, so I am know finishing this post!****

Basil was delish, I seriously ate just as much as Todd did! Baby and I are happy campers! But Basil is not the only reason!!! Holy Knock your socks off Batman if you live in Charleston you must go ASAP to Glazed , it just opened here in Charleston!!  They are seriously is the most fabulous doughnuts you will ever eat!

PS On our way to Basil there was a sign on the door that said sold out reopening at 12, we got there at 12:10 and they were almost sold out again!! So get there NOW!!!!