Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catching Up......

OK Blog break is over, I miss you guys!

Here is a little recap of our wonderful weekend! The weather was just perfect, and Todd had a last minute business cancellation, so he was with us all weekend :) 

Saturday was busy we had two birthday parties and a football party! Carson had the best time, and it was so fun watching him smile all day!

The first party was sweet Bowers Turning One! the party was awesome, and they had a real pony! Carson was beyond obsessed with this, and would hardly get off to let someone else have a turn.

 Carson and Harper enjoying a couple ride together!

Saying goodbye to his dear friend Smartypants :) 

As soon as we left this party we headed to Miss Sadie's first Birthday!

We were a little worried since Carson had not had his nap on how he would behave. But the boy was in heaven at this party too! He had his best Buddie Griffin to play with and his awesome backyard to play in!

Waiting for his cake :)

 Can you even get over this babies beautiful blue eyes????

I really feel so blessed to have all the special moms and their precious children in our lives! It makes life so much Fun!

PS I will be back tomorrow with our trip to the pumpkin patch!


  1. Adorable lil ones and parties too! So glad you're back, we've missed you-don't know you in real life but I've loved getting to know you guys through your blog :-) PS Those ghost nutter butter cookies turned out so cute, thank you so much for the idea!

  2. Party, party, party! I love the pic of him hugging the pony. Precious!