Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thoughts....

Warning this post if full of randoms.....

* Todd and I had a long date night this past Sunday. We saw This  movie,and it was hilarious, we both really enjoyed it. We also hit up the new JCrew outlet, and I was not very impressed :( The kids stuff was super cute though,so I picked up a few fall pieces for Carson.

* I have been eating terribly unhealthy lately,and I must admit I like it,but I have to stop!


* We will be out of town every weekend in August, except this weekend! Wedding parties, family lake trip, and a little anniversary getaway for Todd and I! At least it's all fun stuff!
* I have just been loving hanging out with my baby boy this summer! This age is so funny, and the things that come out of this childs mouth!


Carson and I are in Target and we are walking by the bra section. (note there is like an 80 year old women walking by)!
Carson- "Mama look at all those boobies"

Me- "Carson, shhh I see those bras."

Carson- "I like em"

Me- I bust out laughing, and luckily the 80 years old lady thought it was pretty funny too, because she was laughing hysterically with me!

This child of mine, I am pretty sure I will have my hands full for a long time!


  1. Your Carson is just too cute for words....I think its something about toddler boys that have the ability to just crack their moms up! Also...that sandwhich/burger - looks out of control good...

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  3. that is hilarious! Major is the same way - ALWAYS saying something funny! Enjoy your weekends away!