Monday, August 8, 2011

Carsons Fall Wardrobe

So the time has come to say goodbye to the jon jons :( It's very bittersweet for me! But, the reality is my baby boy is now becoming a big boy so I have to dress him like one! I am pretty pleased with some of the purchases I have made thus far though. It is hard to find cute boy stuff, especially cute toddler boy clothes. Here is a little peek at what my little "man" will be dressed in!


  1. He's going to be the best dressed boy in town :)

  2. hi! i saw you were a follower of my blog and thought i'd pop over to say hello! :) i love carson's fall wardrobe! my husband jokes that he is going into ben's closet when he is 18 months old and throwing out all the longalls/jon jons. i'm hoping i can make it until at least 2/2.5 without having to convert to big boy clothes! i can't imagine a summer without jon jons. he's got his entire life to wear polos and khakis! ;)