Thursday, July 7, 2011

My to do list.........

I feel like I have a million projects that I would like to get completed this summer. As I have mentioned before I am a little OCD, and it bothers me when things aren't done just the way I want them ha! But that is just not reality and slowly but surely I am learning this. So just for my piece of mind here is my list!

1). Get Carson big boy room started and completed! I pretty much have everything, just not sure he is quite ready to leave his crib. (Or maybe I am just not ready)

2). Finish staining our fence, and get the  bronze caps put on.

3). Potty train my child!!! Boy I am dreading this one ;)

4). Pack up Carsons clothes that don't fit, and reorganize his closet!

5). Mentally get my self prepared to expand our family (We have decided to try for number 2 early fall)

6). With number five we have also decided that Todd will get an office space, and we are not converting the garage. This is a huge weight off my shoulders, a project that big would take forever! No to mention the cost in which we would never see the return on!

7). Put more shelving in our garage to have things a little more organized in there!

Whew....... I already feel much better about getting these things done!