Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding Season.......

Whoop Whoop it's wedding season! As usual we have a summer full of them! But hey I love a wedding, wedding shower, and a party! Its always a good excuse to buy a new dress, drink too much wine, and laugh way to hard with old girlfriends! I did all of the above this weekend at my girl Emily's engagement party! Or to quote my husband "babe you were all over the place, and rowdy too"! Sounds like I had a good time to me!?!? Seriously I really do have the best group of Life Long Girlfriends, a girl could ask for, so seeing them is always so much fun! 

Note: Beginning of the night

Middle of the Night

And The End ;)


  1. Funny how when we girls drink, we are always kissing, hugging and telling everyone we love them!! HEHE!! What a fun night!!!

  2. Looks like too much FUN! And have to ask, where is your dress from and the one your friend is wearing that is multi-colored and over one shoulder?? Must know!

  3. Love the Lilly. Your blog is so cute. I think our boys have all the same Shrimp and Grits outfits.