Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Rocky,

Dear Rocky, I thought it appropriate since I have been talking about weight loss lately, to show you some love! I am so proud to call you my fur baby, a little cocky and stubborn you may be, but you really are a sweet dog! Over the years and lots of table food you became a little chunky :) Luckily for you we found a new rock star vet Dr. Sauls!  He nicely suggested you go on a diet, so we listened. I have to be honest I thought you would just starve before you ate "diet" food, but Dr. Sauls had a little more faith in you, and said if you got hungry enough you would eat it! He was right, you did, and didn't even complain too much ;) So I am happy to report you lost 6lbs, and seem to be one happy "little" pup!!