Thursday, April 28, 2011

Supper Club!!!

Thursday night I hosted Supper Club here at the house. I so wish that I could tell you guys I slaved over a delicious meal ,desert, and a clean home, but that just wouldn't be the truth ;) My mom was in town, and I really wanted to enjoy her visit, and not stress about getting things ready. Have no fear ,my amazing girl Natalie came to the rescue, along with the cleaning crew, and Sugar! To say that dinner was amazing would be an understatement! Girls Baked manicotti with sausage and peas did not disappoint, I love having friends with talent ;) Sugars cupcakes were pretty darn amazing too!!! A great time was had as always with us girls! I think we ended the night around 11:00, and honestly I am pretty sure we could have talked until the sun came up :) I really do love these girls, and feel so lucky to call them friends, we are all in the same season of life, all have one child, and just have so much in common! Hope all you ladies have women like these in your life, because really there is nothing better!!!


  1. Love it! I had the best time as always! I am still dreaming about that lemon cupcake. I think we need a sugar fix once a week!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I wanna come next time :)