Thursday, April 28, 2011

Supper Club!!!

Thursday night I hosted Supper Club here at the house. I so wish that I could tell you guys I slaved over a delicious meal ,desert, and a clean home, but that just wouldn't be the truth ;) My mom was in town, and I really wanted to enjoy her visit, and not stress about getting things ready. Have no fear ,my amazing girl Natalie came to the rescue, along with the cleaning crew, and Sugar! To say that dinner was amazing would be an understatement! Girls Baked manicotti with sausage and peas did not disappoint, I love having friends with talent ;) Sugars cupcakes were pretty darn amazing too!!! A great time was had as always with us girls! I think we ended the night around 11:00, and honestly I am pretty sure we could have talked until the sun came up :) I really do love these girls, and feel so lucky to call them friends, we are all in the same season of life, all have one child, and just have so much in common! Hope all you ladies have women like these in your life, because really there is nothing better!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Bunny Came Early!

That is right, here at the Hewitt house the Easter bunny has filled Carsons basket! We will be visiting our parents for Easter, and Todd and I really wanted to have our own little Easter here with Carson. So we just decided he would come a little early, because we know both Mimi and Papas will have a basket for our little man;) Rotten I tell ya pure rotten! So here are some pictures of his basket loot, and a few from last Friday before his Egg hunt at school! Please do not feel like to have to watch this video, but it was just to cute not to share!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Folly Fun......

Yesterday the family, and a few friends enjoyed a beautiful day at Folly Beach! Carson is definitely his mothers child, the boys loves the beach! We arrived yesterday at 11 and did not leave until 3, then we walked across the street to Ritas and had lunch! Your girl over here downed a burger with homemade guacamole and jack cheese with a side of fries ;) Holy Batman it was so good! So I braved the new string from VS, and I felt pretty comfortable in it, I am still about 5lbs away from my goal, and burgers will probably not get me there :) But hey girl has to cheat every now and then! Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sorry for the lame title, but that is what this post is!

*Sorry for being in such a funk lately, it has just been pretty calm at the Hewitt house. I have been keeping busy working out every morning, which used to be my time to blog ;( So I will have to find a new time!!

* My girl Jodi Just ordered me this fabulous new diaper bag, and I cant wait to use it this summer!

* I am so proud of this boy, who has lost 5lbs, and seems to be a happier pup ;)

* When going through pictures today I came across this one, and cant believe that this was a year ago!! We are headed to the beach again this Sunday, so I will have to do a then and now for you guys!

Hope you guys all have an amazing weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Post ad Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers!

Hello Loves! Today I am sharing some of my obsessions over at my girl Natalies
If you don't already read her blog,then trust me you should!! Girl is hot, funny, and so stylish!! OK enough go check it out Here!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Sale (Lily Pulitzer, Citizens, Paige, and Ella Moss)

Hello ladies!!! Well I am excited to say that the time has come to part with some of my favorite pieces, and I thought I would give you lovely ladies first dibs if interested! I have recently lost a few lbs, and these things no longer fit anymore. All the jeans and dresses were purchased last year, and a few only worn once or twice. They are in very good condition, and looking for a new home! I am so new to this but I will put the price under the items, and if you are interested in them email me, and I will invoice you through PayPal. As stated I am new to this, but have seen it done before, so as soon an item is gone, I will let you guys no it's no longer available! PS If I had a picture of myself in the dress I included, just so you could get a feel for how it looks on. PPS Shipping is on Me ;)

 Lily Pulitzer Shift Dress
Size 4
Original Price $178.00

Sale Price 45.00

 Lily Pulitzer Tube Dress
Size 8 (fits like a 6)
Original Price $178.00

Sale Price 45.00

 Vineyard Vines Halter
Size 6
Original Price 98.00
Sale Price 20.00

 Lily Pulitzer silk cotton blend (so comfy)
Size Small
Original Price 198.00
Sale Price 45.00

Citizens "Dita Petite boot cut"
Size 30
Original Price $149.00
Sale Price 45.00

Petite Hidden Hills - McKinley

Size 28
  Original Price 179.00
Sale Price 45.00

 Paige Petite Laurel Canyon
Size 29
Original price 158.00
Sale Price 40.00

 Ella Moss Cotton dress
Size Small
Original Price 138.00 (I think)
Sale Price $30.00

Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Got her Blue Jeans On!

Sorry for the corny title, but it kinda made me laugh ;) I finally found some jeans that I love, so I decided to share with the rest of the world. Also for you ladies that are on the shorter side as myself, the petites are amazing! The length is just perfect, and my butt, well with out sounding cocky, it also looks fabulous! Ha, that was totally cocky, but girl has worked hard to say that ;) and while I am on my soapbox I was able to get a size 26!!!! Ok enough, here they are, and here is where you can get you some!