Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bloggy Meet Up!!!

I am so behind on this post, but hey at least I am getting it up ;) baby steps people baby steps!! My girl Natalie and I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to meet up with our fabulous bloggy friend Julia! This was actually our second date with her, and I cant wait for our third! She is such a beautiful girl inside and out, and has a delicious little baby girl! It is so fun getting to meet blog friends in real life, and I know without a doubt this girl would be our new side kick on a weekly basis if we lived a little closer! Julia it was so much fun hanging out with you and sweet Wells, and I cant wait to do it again soon!


  1. How cute!! I love Natalie's little one's face (:

  2. GIRL, I'm not sure that picture was pre-approved :) Y'all might have to come to Pawleys so I can do my hair before our next lunch date!