Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Note to Carson

Dear Carson,

Two years ago today my life changed forever. Not quite like I had imagined, so so much better. Don't get me wrong motherhood is hard, tiring, and very selfless, but seeing your sweet face everyday day makes all that seem so small. You bring such joy and happiness to your dad and I. So cliche to say, but I really cant remember life without you. You have your daddy's looks and my personality. You are very strong willed, and it's your way or the highway. You like things a certain way, and are not happy if you are not on your routine or if we change things up on you. Like I said, you are me in a little mans body! I really wish I could just freeze time, you are my little side kick now, and conversations with you are so funny. You are very jealous , and not a big fan of anyone else getting attention, but you have such a big heart, and you are so affectionate that I will let that slide for now :) I really cant believe that  you are now officially a two year old. I love you more than you will ever know. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Boy!