Thursday, January 6, 2011

A MUST See!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Todd and I had are weekly date night last night and decided to go see a movie! I just love going to see a movie it's one of those times that I am just able to let it all go and get caught up in someone else's world!

This movie was so AMAZING, and I don't say that about many movies. I am totally a chick flick kinda girl, but this was no chick flick it was Real! When I say real it was based on a true story which to me makes it that much more interesting to watch! I was so into it the whole time, and the last fight I found myself squeezing Todds arm and talking to the screen, thank goodness it was not crowded in there. On the way home last night Todd and I started talking about how great this movie was and how cool it is to see the comradery and bond between brothers. This had us both thinking when we have baby number 2 we would not be the least bit disappointed to have another boy. Carson would have a brother, and I would still be the only women in my boys world ha!

Lets just say Mr. Mark Wahlberg is very easy on the eyes in this movie!