Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I heart Costco!!!

I have to say it took the hubs and I a little while to warm up to Costco, but now we are huge fans! I think it was the idea of having large quantities of stuff in our home that drove my perfectly healthy dose of OCD crazy! I just don't like stuff in bulk :) Anywho besides the bulk stuff they have some great things! My favorite would have the be their flowers, have you guys ever seen all their gorgeous  flowers, the are just like at a florist but half the price! Now for the big thing that I spotted today and the thing that gave me the push to write the I heart Costco post! They have Hannah Anderson Sleepwear!!!!!!!!! For get this $11.99, these babies got for $25.00 on sale on their website! I was so excited when I spotted these and I could not help but grab a few and call all my friends! If you have never put the pj's on your baby, you are missing out!! So head to your Costco and grab these things before they are gone!!