Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chin Deep.....

In preparing for little mans Birthday Bash Saturday! I am so excited as it looks like we are going to have 70+ people come to celebrate our very special boy turn two! I think Carson may already have more friends than me ha! I am also very excited to meet Miss Pawleys Island Posh and Natalie for coffee at Starbucks tomorrow! And you know I couldn't leave you guys without a little sneak peek!

Note: the amazing Sherry made all the adorable tags and utensils!! I wish I could take credit for this insane talent, but all this mama did was make the marshmallow pops which I totally copied from Sarah! I did make the sailboat suckers totally easy and taste pretty darn good too! So Iam just the thinker behind this operation, not much talent, sorry ladies :)
 And I do it all for this sweet little boy, that brings me such joy everyday, and maybe a little headache on occasion!