Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunburst found a new home!!

OK guys! Thanks so much for your advise on the mirror! As much as I tried to love it where it was, it was just to much for me! Literally people I could not sleep last night worrying of the darn mirror! So I started thinking around the house, and it hit me our foyer!!! The gold sunburst would look great there, and I could move the one I had in the foyer to our bedroom!! So tell me what do you guys think?? Personally I really like it! I think it's much less dramatic and flows better! Also I am loving the Sunburst in the foyer, I think it opens it right up! Plus the hubs just surprised and told me I could order this pretty sparkle to hang in the foyer!!! Opinions please!!!!!

PS The amazing Emily A. Clark will be picking out a new rug and possibly paint for our bedroom!! So excited almost finished!!