Monday, December 6, 2010

HELP which one.... please tell me!!!





Ok guys one more time, I really need your opinion! I want to blow up a Canvas a 20x20 and put it over our bed, and I can't decide which one to do? I am not even sure I want this above our bed, but I can't think of anything else, and I have seen other people do it, and it looks cool! What do you guys think? What do you have above your bed?


  1. I say 3 or 4...I have a wedding picture above my bed! PS Happy Birthday!!!

  2. They are all great but I LOOOOVE #3!!!

  3. For the bedroom, I say #3 because it's kinda intimate. But they are all just beautiful and you can't go wrong with any of them!

  4. I like number 1. It's simple and classic. It would also work on just about any background paint color so it could be easily moved.

  5. my vote is for #1! Tooooo sweet! Happy late Birthday! :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! And, I vote for #3 :)