Thursday, November 4, 2010

On my mind...

Let me start off by just apologizing for this huge brain dump I am about to give you guys. Things have been driving me crazy lately and I feel if I jot them all down it will help :)

- I have terrible OCD, so much I feel like all I do is clean and organize and its still not perfect! I don't know how to let this go any advise? I feel like I need things perfect and organized at all times. I would really appreciate it!

- While we are on the subject of things being perfect I feel like I always have to have Carson dressed perfect, don't get me wrong I really really love all his jon jons and such, but I feel he would probably be so much more comfortable in a shirt and pants. I cant bring myself to dress him like that because he looks way to cute in the other stuff.

- I cant stop thinking about Carsons big boy room and getting it all together, and he is not even showing signs of wanting to leave his crib?

- I have eaten chick-fila the last three days (What the heck am I thinking) I just lost 12 lbs!!!

- I have a little baby fever, yes you just read that right! I am really scared its just my desire to decorate another nursery or give Carson a sibling, so we will wait this out and see if it passes before we go doing anything crazy! Luckily my husband knows me very well and knows how I change my mind :)

OK enough with my terrible ramblings I just had to get this out!