Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New playroom Reveal! The before and the AFTER!!!

The Before


I just love how this room turned out! It is so much more organized and functional now :) I could not have done this without the amazing Emily Clark!!! This girl is crazy talented, she can turn a boring room into your dream room in minutes! If you have not already go check her out 
Thanks so much Emily helping make our house a home!


And yes the very loved ball pit stayed, you just cant see it from the angel I took the picture :)

The Before


Some of the details

Monday, November 29, 2010

Where I shop for Carsons clothes.....

I get emails from time to time asking where I get Carsons clothing, so I thought I would share. Let me first say if you are not into monograms,smocked, jon jons, and bubbles DON'T read this post hehe!  Now most of you know I have a weakness/obsession when it comes to dressing my baby boy. I know it's silly and to most you could care less what your little mud digging, bugger eating, bug chasing boy has on. But for me it matters, because to me there is nothing sweeter than my little man in his sweet southern clothes. And lets face it mamas this only last for a very short period, so I say lets rock out the monograms, and bubbles as long as we can!!

By far the best handmade sweaters you will find!
The boys pants and Polo's aren't to shabby either.

This is def. one of my favorites! The quality of their clothes can not be beat!
And if you are wondering YES I totally bought the whole family matching outfits last year! I myself LOVED it, my husband not so much ha!

How I love this brand! Their bubbles could not get any cuter! The quality is great and so are their prices! It helps we live in Charleston, so no shipping just driving to the warehouse!

I  find this store hit or miss, they carry a lot of really cute clothes but they are different name brands, so it depends on which one you get. That being said I have some of my most favorite outfits from here!

Play Clothes!!

Yes Carson has play clothes :) I love Zutano , always have which surprises most people. It is totally out of my comfort zone. But there is something just so FUN about it. They was and dry great, and come out wrinkle free...... If you live in Charleston you can stop by Sprout and get Zutano!

Tea Clothes I really love on Big boys, but they are so comfortable and well made. Carson has a few pieces and I really love them.

OK I hope this helps all you mamas out there with little boys, and who says they don't make cute boy stuff :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Very Thankful

So very late on this post, but I decided to swear off blogging and just love on my family over this long weekend. It has been such a wonderful weekend, full of laughs, lots of hugs, and yummy food! My parents were here for Thanksgiving, and we cooked, drank wine, went light looking, hung chandeliers, and just loved on each other! It was so special to have my family with us this year, and I am hoping its a tradition that sticks :)

Todd and I hung all 8 wreaths and the garland from the porches last night! Doing this and looking at the beautiful lights gets me so giddy inside!!! But you know what sets me more giddy than that, seeing my sweet babies face when he sees it! Is there anything more special??

So to end this post Thank you to the good Lord who has blessed me with more than I could have ever imagine! God is good!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Mish Mash!

We had such a fabulous weekend with our great friends! Carson especially enjoyed all the attention he got from his "aunts" and "uncles". It is so crazy to think that we have been friends with these people for over 11 years, now that's love my friends :)

**Note to self never think that you can drink 10 vodka drinks, party like a rock star and still function the next day!!!!

 Uncle Jason and Carson reading a book together!

Mini turkey cupcakes I made one eyed closed last night! Not because I am that good, but because I was so tired! (I will do a tutorial how do make these if anyone is interested)

 The painters/cleaning people will be here today to paint the accent wall in Carson's playroom, it's looking good you guys :)
 My lighting will be here on Wednesday and I cant wait to see it all hung up and sparkling!

Happy Monday Friends!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Tour Playroom and Laundry Room

Carson's playroom has been a God send for us! he is in this little area 75% of the time. It's his little place and he loves it. As most of you know we are currently redesigning it, and I can not wait to show you the results!

Our laundry room on the other hand needs major work! Its our laundry room/ pantry and it needs to be reorganized badly! I really, really want custom closets in this room!!!

Projects............ and Custom Closets

I feel like I am working on so many projects in our home right now! This week I have made huge progress in Carsons playroom, now the problem is pulling it all together :) Here are some of the things I have ordered for the room, so you can get and idea where I am going with this. Tomorrow I will be posting pics of his playroom the way it looks now for home tour Friday. It is going to be way more organized and functional when I get done :)

While we are the subject of functional and organized I am really wanting to have someone come in and do custom closets in our bedroom closet, Todd office/unborn childs nursery, and our pantry. I know they can be a little pricey, but I think it would be totally worth it! Do any of you guys have custom closets, if so what is your take on them?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Cake.... help again please!

OK, I am needing your help one more time! You guys were so great last time, I thought I would get your opinions again. As many of you know I am planning little monkeys 2nd birthday, and I am not sure which cake I love the most! So which do you love? Hayden from Ashley Bakery in Charleston makes the most amazing cakes, so I know you can recreate any of these!!! I love a good cake, dont you!

Itsy Bitsy Spider.....

This is Carsons Favorite song right now, so Sunday while Todd was giving him a bath I came in to play with them. We bought Carson this neat PBK bath crayon for the tub, and with it he insisted that I draw him spiders along the sides of the tub. After the first one he kept saying more spiders mama, more more spiders please. So after we filled the tub with colorful spiders, he still wanted more spiders please, and was getting upset that no more would fit. That is when Todd pretended to start crying, and I have never I repeat never seen my child laugh so hard. He had forgotten all about the spiders, and all he wanted was daddy to keep crying, I am not sure why my child thought this was so funny, but he did! Todd and I could not stop laughing at him laughing so hard. Is there anything better that watching your child laugh so hard they cant breath, yeah I didn't think so!