Monday, October 25, 2010

Mamas kind of clothes!

Now that fall is here , and the cooler temperatures are slowly starting to appear, I am pulling out the lounge wear! I know that some lounge wear is just not cute, but I think they have come a long way! I am really loving the leggings with the over sized sweat shirt, and the jeggings with the tunics! Yes Maam, I plan on living in these all fall and winter! The only outings I really take anymore are Carsons to MMO out, errands, and the Monday grocery shopping, so I think thee clothes will be just perfect! So what do you ladies think do you love the lounge wear, or do you like the polished look more?


  1. Love that sweatshirt/sweater at the end, so super cute!!
    I'm with you.. I like the cut comfy loungewear since I am just going on outings with Brody!!

  2. LOVE the cardigan! I would like to say that I am a more polished gal but who am I kidding. I start my day in gym clothes and end it in leggings!

  3. The bottom one? Where did you find it? I NEED it!!