Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ready for School................

Carsons first day of school aka MMO was today! I was a complete ball of nerves, not because it was his first day but because we couldn't take his beloved lovey and paci. But.............. he did great, of course he screamed bloody murder when I dropped him off, but they said he calmed right down and played great the rest of the day. Made me one proud mama to hear this. I was so disappointed when I read that he had to wear shoes and socks everyday, I am totally a sandal girl when it comes to boys in their Jon Jon's, but how cute are these Keds on him :) I am so not a tennis shoe girl when it comes to babies so Keds where the only option and I think they are sooo cute on him ;)


  1. We love Keds! We usually bought them in blue and red for every size! Thomas just outgrew them, made me so sad! I actually had a whole facebook post on what to do I buy now that he can't wear keds....

  2. I hate socks too... but yep they have to have them at our MDO program. Im not into the colorful tennis shoes, but we have the grey new balance for him and I think they are cute, since my hubs and I both have a pair as well. You should also check to see if you have an italian show store called Naturino near you. I will tell you the online has way too many not so cute shoes but the actual store is in a very nice part of town and has the nicest boy shoes that are not colorful and plain jane sweet shoes! Check them out if you have one near you, online is no bueno

  3. He is too cute!!! I will work on posting some pictures of the nursery...once it's decent again!